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The Moonshadow Feline

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Name:Ellistree Moonshadow
Birthdate:Jun 17
Retrieval Specialist


Eye Color: Ivory Glow

Height: 7'5" Weight: 225lbs

Ellistree at first glance is just like any Kaldorei female warrior. She's tall, well built, sleek form albeit a bit above average as far as female endowment goes. She has long ivory hair that reaches her lower back. Her skin looks the dark blue of nightfall, fair to the touch and unblemished.

But there's a few things that make her stand out. Her ears are wider than most Kaldorei, and at her lower jaw you notice, mainly when she laughs out loud or roars, that her lower fangs are larger than normal, like small tusks.

She carries herself with confidence, although she prefers running around in her feline form, seeing her in her humanoid for is rare in any of the main cities or the wilds.
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